Welcome to the Vocaloid Archive!

This site is a free to reference archive of Vocaloid media.

This site is a very barebones archive of various Vocaloid media I've collected over the years because I have a special interest in both Vocaloid and archiving/lost media. This'll be for the main 6 Cryptonloids only for the most part, with some exceptions. Please share and save anything from here that you please!

Don't expect much fancy HTML here. This is just storage :). I'll be translating what I can and providing captions to images for people who can't read foreign languages when possible. I'll also try to host everything myself to make sure nothing gets removed but I'm just one guy, please understand.

Oh, and, this site was made with this tool.

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Leave me a message in my Cbox! Feel free to request things, let me know if something isn't working, or just say hi!